Black Success Center

Through steady action, we’re building the economic development hub for Utah’s Black community.

Our Mission

Serve as the largest educational platform providing financial readiness, business development, and leadership training to black professionals and entrepreneurs.


The Black Success Center (located at The Shop in Salt Lake City), is a cultural hub offering the Black community a space to connect as well as grow Black businesses and professionals. The Center provides the community with co-working space, incubator offices, conference rooms, training rooms, and an event hall for cultural programming and webinars.


The Black Success Center also offers a host of enrichment programs curated to meet the development and up-skilling needs of Utah’s Black community. Through its affiliate programs, such as New Pattern, Leadership Pathways, Everyday Entrepreneur Program, and others, the BSC hopes to serve as the foundation to establish a Black ecosystem with a talent pipeline for the best opportunities Utah has to offer.

Generational impact is the name of the game

"We created the Black Success Center to build an environment that welcomes all and establishes a bridge to Utah’s non-Black population through partnership, collaboration, education, and awareness."

James Jackson IIIFounder, Black Success Center

"You're Chosen to Change as a Champion. Create your Pathway for Impact."

Elle SolomonDirector of Community Engagement, Black Success Center

Affiliate Brands

Utah Black Chamber

Utah Black Pages

New Pattern

Living Color Utah

Evening in Harlem celebrates the Harlem Renaissance – the artistic explosion of the Black community during the 1920s and early 30s. The proceeds from this event benefit our Black Success Center and its programming.

Come dressed in your Harlem Renaissance attire and enjoy an evening of food, music, casino, and dancing! The programming for this year will be a little different, providing more time to socialize, dance, play in the casino, and walk through the museum! Food will be available throughout the evening and through the venue.